Read about our 52W 52E winner.

#If selected, Gold Nib Fellowship Commission will showcase you and your partner for 52 Week and 52 Entrepreneur section.
#Gold Nib Fellowship Commission would promote you for one week on social media page and will showcase you for one year on the goldnib webpage.

Title:* First Name:* Middle Name:
Last Name:* Date Of Birth:* / /
Current Address:*
Country:* City:* Zip Code:*
Email ID:* Phone Number: Mobile Number:*
Alternate Contact Number:
Under Graduate Degree Awarding Institution:* Degree Specific Name:*
Address:* City:*
College Entry Year*:
Your Photograph:* *.jpg, png, gif, bmp format only (Max Size 3 MB)
Q1. Give introduction of your business (Word limit 500)*
Q2. What is your Value Proposition? (Word Limit 250 words)*
Q3. What is your Sales strategy, your technical/ product/ delivery model ? (Word Limit 400 words)*

(Present your infrastructure, your key partnerships, customers, etc. Also, introduce your key team members, emphasising their academic and working experience that is relevant to your business. The jury must be able to assess, and get comfortable with, your ability to implement your plans.)
Q4. What are the possible Risks that you face? (Word Limit 250 words)*

(Explain the risks your business plan and qualify the same, if you can.)
Q5. What have been your financial's like?

(Just summarize the revenues and costs for your operating period. If the operating period has been over a year, please make this summary then for a 12 month period)
Q6. Anything else that you would want the Jury to know? (word limit 300 words)
Q7. Are there any other partners, co-founders in your business, if yes, please mention their names.

Q8. 1/We would be providing the following as awards/gifts for the contest winners: